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Graphic and web design by Madeliene Smith.

Light textures used in some graphics by monxcheri on deviantART.

Tea cup on Get Creative page from The Graphics Fairy.

“What?” Clip art text bubble on Get Creative page by dominiquechappard.

Photos used on OurFutureTea.org

Photo of Tea Plantation on homepage by Simon Steinberger.

Umbrella Rainy Day Waiting photo on Depression page by Peter Nguyen.

Person on a beach photo on Anxiety page by neu_alf.

Mysterious Window photo on homepage, Abandoned Alley photo on Stop Suicidal Thoughts page,

Teapot & Cup photo on Our Mission page all by PublicDomainPictures.

The Nature Of Summer photo on God’s Love page taken by Michał Lech.


Pages on this website written by Madeliene Smith and Paige McIntyre with sources cited.

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To anyone out there who supports OurFutureTea.org or has simply visited this website, thank you.