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Get Creative

Our Future Tea feels that discovering personal hobbies and taking part in self expression reveals a greater understanding of yourself. We feel that it further enables you to grow and gradually remind yourself how truly beautiful you are as a person.

Pick up a pencil, a pen, paper, a notebook or anything you can find around your school or house. You can create with almost anything! Draw a comic, write a story or paint a picture. Make a noodle mosaic, cook or bake something you never have before and decorate it as fun or strange as you want, write a song, sew clothes or stuffed animals if the materials are available to you.

Empower yourself with your own brilliant mind! Don't tell yourself that you can't draw, you can't write, you're not talented enough or anything of the sort. None of those things are true. If you enjoy your hobby and it is healthy for you, that is what is most important. Remember that everyone starts somewhere.

Suggestions of some creative things that you might try...

Make a list of good things in life or good things in the world. (Internet, anyone?)

Draw a picture of yourself working at your dream job.

Paint a picture using the colors you think best represent your emotions.

Make ice cubes out of mint tea and use them to make your drinks extra refreshing.

Write a song about a strange outfit you saw on someone yesterday.

Become a photographer; you could even just take pictures of random things around the house.

Gather quotes from your favorite book or novelization and try to remember them.

Write a poem about some good things that might happen tomorrow.

Call a friend and ask if they'd like to role play with you sometime.

Write a fan-fiction that is set inside your favorite TV show.

Daydream about what would happen if you were in your favorite TV show.

Imagine your favorite animal wearing a 1980's themed outfit, try to draw it.

Get polymer clay and use it to sculpt and create charms.

Get creative!