Our Future Tea
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You are valued on this Earth. 
You are not a waste of space. 
The air that you breathe is the air 
that was created for you to breathe in.

What is “Our Future Tea”?

Our Future Tea (OFT) hopes to inspire people to write, draw, and express themselves in many different forms.
This website aims to help those suffering any type of depression and/or anxiety. However, we strive to help uplift anyone and everyone.

Our Future Tea represents the goodness of herbal tea in helping aid many types of anxiety, however “Tea” is also metaphorical for whatever happiness you may find in the future. Perhaps your "tea" is something you are seeking and have not yet found.

We want you to live to see your future tea.

Please feel free to take a look around the site, we hope that this website can bring comfort to uplift and inspire you in some way.

Helplines Get Creative Our Future Tea Mission What happened yesterday 
and what happens today 
does not define tomorrow. Get Creative Helplines Our Mission