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Stop Suicidal Thoughts

The following is written to help anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts to think from a more positive perspective. If you know someone who is threatening to harm themselves, be there for them, but do not hesitate to tell someone else about them; no secret between anyone is worth more than the life of a person.

It is okay to feel suicidal, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It is not okay to commit suicide. If you are in an emergency life or death situation, please do not hesitate to call your local emergency number. You are very valued and needed on this Earth. If you need someone to talk to right now please do not hesitate to call one a hotline. They are professionally trained people who care and want to help you.

1-800-SUICIDE          1-800-273-TALK

1-800-784-2433      1-800-273-8255

Click here for more hotlines.

Something to be noticed these days is that some people and current social media tend to beautify suicide and the thought of death. (An example is depressing Tumblr blogs and Twitter feeds. It’s fine to be able to relate with something, but it’s not fine when it’s being pushed onto your mind even when you don’t want to think about it).

There are also people out there who don’t believe you or won’t listen to you. OurFutureTea.org is free from those types of people. No one contributing to this website would ever judge you. We know you’re in pain, we believe you. We are very concerned for you and your well-being. We are not professionally trained, but we are full of love for anyone. That is why this website exists.

Feeling suicidal does not mean that you should commit suicide. You should not commit suicide. You are valued on this Earth. You are not a waste of space. The air you breathe is the air that was created for you to breathe in. Now take a deep sigh if you need to. Feeling suicidal does not make you some kind of freak or outcast.

You are human, and as humans we are born to experience all kinds of feelings. If you have been diagnosed with depression, people say depression is a disease, but you are not diseased. Depression is a “mental illness”, but that doesn’t mean you are sick. You just have a lot of thoughts.

And because you think so much, we admire you and your thinking skills. Our Future Tea (OFT) loves you the way you are, and we’re sure other people do, too, regardless of your gender, orientation, age or current living situation. OFT is full of love for you because you are beautiful and smart and you obviously have so much strength inside of you, because you’ve already made it this far in life.

Life can be hard sometimes, but things can and will get better for you.

Everything around you will get better in time. Please keep reading this.

Accept that you are who you are, there is nothing wrong with you and nothing you have done in your life makes you deserve to feel like this. If you can’t afford a therapist, you don’t even have to worry. You are seeking help right now, just by reading this, and that is wonderful.

If you're still feeling suicidal tomorrow, wake up and say, “today is going to be better than yesterday”. Even if it's not, remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow. In Brandon Heath’s song “Sunrise”, he sings, “All you need is a sunrise, just a moment of dawn. If you’re lost in the twilight, close your eyes and move on.” As simple as that sounds, it’s true because everyday is a brand new day.

Practice telling yourself that once you began feeling so low, it just means that the only way your mood can go now is up.

Look in a mirror and smile at yourself. Smile at yourself because you are still alive, despite what you’re going through. Live to be an inspiration for others who might end up going through the same thing as you one day. Live to find out if your favorite book is going to get turned into a movie one day. Live just to live. Live to see what happens. Live because things will get better.

How can you change your focus?

Depression is one of the most addicting pain or emotions to ever be felt. It can either cause you to feel so much, or feel absolutely nothing at all. To stop thinking these negative thoughts, Our Future Tea encourages you to write down what's bothering you.

Don't stress yourself out trying to figure out what's bothering you. Overthinking things can sometimes cause nothing but even worse feelings. If you can’t figure out why you are feeling so upset, don’t stress yourself out about it. The main priority for right now is just writing down the way that you are feeling.

Write your thoughts down with a pencil and a piece of paper. Don’t be afraid that someone could find your paper; you can rip it up if you need to. The main recommendation we can give you is to get these thoughts out of your mind. Writing them down can get them out of your mind. If writing it down doesn’t help, we encourage you to draw. We also encourage you to watch your favorite comedy or treat yourself with your favorite food.

Tell yourself this:

I am not going to kill myself. I am worth more than any of the pain that I have ever felt in my life. I do not want to hurt those around me, whether it be family, friends or acquaintances. I refuse to. I refuse to give in to this depression. I refuse. I won't give in to depression today or tonight. I am not a burden to anyone.

I may feel weak right now, but I'm not going to kill myself. I am not going to kill myself. I will not kill myself. I will live. I am not weak. I am stronger than any depression.

I am stronger than any mental or physical illness. I am not fooling myself. I am getting better. I am going to be happy again. I am going to find true happiness one day. I am choosing happiness from this day on.

I am going to live.

There is nothing, nothing on or out of this Earth worth ending your life over.

If you are still hurting, please do not hesitate to call a suicide hotline. Please click here to find suicide hotlines available 24/7 to help you. If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation, please contact your local emergency number.

A Note To Christians

To stop thinking about suicide, it may help you to pray to God. Pray out loud. Just to get it all out in words, even if praying has ever made you feel like you were talking to yourself. But be assured that God would hear you, and He will listen. Isaiah 9:6 KJV says, about Jesus, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

God wants you to go to him when you are having problems in your life. He wants to be there for you.

God loves you, too. Our Future Tea may not know you personally, but God can see your whole life and your heart. 1 John 3:20 (KJV) says "if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things." God loves you, regardless of what insecurities your mind may have told you about yourself. Remember that you are His beautiful and precious creation. Please take a moment to read our page about God’s Love.